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Frequently Asked Questions
  What are dunnage air bags?
Why use dunnage air bags?
What are some of the benefits of using dunnage air bags?
What is AtmetOne?
What is AtmetOne+?
How to prevent over-inflation of dunnage bag?
How to determine the size of dunnage air bag ?

What is dunnage air bag?

A dunnage air bag is a polyethylene bladder surrounded by kraft paper or polypropylene woven material, equipped with an inflation valve to allow the bag to be inflated or deflated.

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Why use dunnage air bag?

The dunnage air bag is inflatable and used to immobilize cargo and for load securing, minimize front-to-back load shifting in tractor sales, railcars, and overseas containers.

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What equipment is needed to inflate dunnage air bags?

• Air pressure gauge
• Inflator tool
• Compressed air from an air compressor
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What is AtmetOne?

AtmetOne is made of high strength polywoven outer bag with 5-layer co-extrusion polyethylene inner bladder that holds the air. AtmetOne is AAR level 1 certfied and is equipped with Atmet revolutionary ProAir Inflator System.
AtmetOne is most suitable for land and oceans shipment through container or truck load.

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What is AtmetOne+?

The common dunnage air bags on the market are paper dunnage air bags which are made of one of more layers of Kraft papers and have a polyethylene inner. 
Dually dunange air bag uses Kraft paper-Polywoven laminated layer as the outer bag. This outer layer combines the advantages of both Kraft paper rigidity and high strength polywoven. As a result, AtmetOne+ is extremely durable and higher resistance against punctures and moistures.

The inner bag is made of 5-layer co-extruded high strength polyethylene (PE) which can keep the dunnage bag leak free for a long period of time.
AtmetOne+ is most suitable for land and oceans shipment through container or truck load.

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How to prevent over-inflation of dunnage bag?

Our ProAir Venturi Inflator has a self-pressure regulator designed to prevent over-inflation of bags. When the desired pressure is reached, the air flow will redirects itself out through the back of the inflator avoiding over-inflation. This eliminates the risk of bag bursting during inflation.

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How to determine the size of dunnage air bag?

• Measure distance from floor to top of load and select a bag size that is closest to the measured length.
• Measure void between cargoes and select a bag width that has about 2~3 times of the measured void.
  Bag Selection Guide

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