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Atmet Group Inc.

Inflatable Dunnage bags & Composite Strap



Free :800-501-2928
Office :678-619-1231
Fax :678 -619-1232
Email :

3350 Green Pointe Parkway, Suite 100,

Norcross, GA 30092

Production Operation Specialist is needed in Norcross, GA. Conduct raw material inspection. Operate industrial automatic dunnage bag-making machine including cutting, sealing, inserting and sewing System. Stand for 8 hour shift. Ability to follow basic machine operation procedures and production instructions. Maintain safe work practices. Set up, adjust and operate machines.          


Req. Two years of experience as Production Operation Specialist with proficiency in industrial cutting, sealing, inserting and sewing machine system. 9-5, 40 hr/wk. Mail resume to Atmet Group Inc. at 3350 Green Pointe Pkwy, Ste.100, Norcross, GA 30092, USA.

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