ProAir Inflation System


ProAir venturi inflator fills and deflates air bags in seconds providing consistent pressure and preventing over-inflation.

portable dunnage airbag inflator





ProAir Inflator with EZ click and quick connector tip

The only venturi inflator that swivels 360° for ease of operation

Consistent pressure every time



How the ProAir venturi inflator works


Compressed air enters the inflator chamber through small nozzle at high velocity.

The high velocity air stream creates vacuum that induces the air from outside enabling it to achieveunparalleled inflation speed.

The amplified airflow levels the exit point.


To speedy deflate the airbag, insert the rear nozzle to the valve and push the trigger. The compressed air will suck the air from the bag resulting a fast and complete deflation.

ProAir Flex

ProAir Inflator


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