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Atmet Three Dunnage Air Bags


AtMet Level 3 dunnage air bags secure your cargo whether they are being shipped by sea, container, on rails or over the road, providing a cost-effective method of damage-prevention for your goods in transit. Atmet dunnage bags are made using a high quality polyethylene (PE) inner bag and polypropylene outer bag to ensure maximum strength and puncture resistance. The ProAir valve allows for rapid inflation and deflation and ensures consistent air pressure within the bag


SmartProAir Inflators are Association of American Railroads (AAR) approved at AAR Level 3, and are rated for a max pressure of 8 PSI.


10-count package.

Level 3 Bags

  • Our warehouse is located in Atlanta GA. We ship orders between 9am and 4pm (EST) Monday through Friday. All orders are shipped within 2 business days unless otherwise noted.

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